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Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
agent in charge trent says the fbi has people working on these types of complaints every day. >> in fact, today i received three just before our meeting. >> reporter: he says scammers are getting more sophisticated, using elaborate teams around the world. >> for the local police, they don't have the resources necessarily to trace it to another country. >> reporter: the news4 i-team found the phone number used in gordon's afd also listed in new york and miami beach rentals. >> i hate to think about these people who were conned, thinking about my name sal gordon, look what he did to me. >> reporter: the fbi does go after these crooks when there's multiple victims, but they need to file a complaint. you can protect yourself. check property records to make sure the person advertising owns the place. visit the property or have a friend do it for you. never wire any cash. most owners will accept checks. and find out the base rate for similar rentals. >> they're charging $1,000 for this unit. that is too cheap. >> the guy trying to rent the apartment only found the real sal gordon when he googl
Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
today, f.b.i. agents question shell's exgirlfriend investigating will the hoax was an act of revenge in time for a personal dispute. >> officials say a man from northeast died from the virus. it comes a week after maryland reported its first death from the infection which is commonly spread by mosquitos. health officials expect this year to be particularly bad for west nile. so far, 2,000 kascases have bee reported and 87 people have died. >>> we'd like to clarify a story that we said last night. supervisors will vote this coming monday on whether to spray a tick-killing insecticide on the perimeters of county parks and elementary schools. this will not be aerial spraying but, rather, spraying from the ground. all of that to try to prevent the spread of lime disease. >> hurricane isaac's four-legged victims are spending their first night in d.c. ready to find new homes and best friends. nine docks from a flood fed mississippi shelter arrived here yesterday. the adult dogs are being checked out to see when they're ready to be adopted. >> it's not going to take long. >> they're such cu
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
passenger chris shell was carrying liquid explosives. fbi officials determined that the call was a hoax. shell pointed the finger at another man, kenneth submit. today police arrested smith, who admitted to making the call in an act of revenge after shell posted a compromising picture of his girlfriend on facebook. if convicted, smith faces up to ten years in prison. >>> thinking of waking up early tomorrow to go to a garage sale or estate sale? one virginia woman did that and it paid off big. she paid $7 for a painting because she liked the frame. turns out that painting is an authentic renoir worth somewhere close to $100,000. the anonymous owner bought it at a flea market in the shenandoah valley more than a year ago. her mother urged her to get it apraised before popping out the picture and replacing it. >> the lady brought it in in a plastic bag. when i told her it was right, she actually was taken to the side by a colleague, she nearly passed out. >> art historians believe renoir painted this piece in 1879. it will be auctioned off at the potomac company in alexandria on september
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3